Pits & Piles 3D – Subscription

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More users will give a discount:

2 Users 10%, 3 Users 11%, 4 Users 12%, 5 Users 15%, 10 Users 30%, 50 Users or more 40%.

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Pits & Piles 3D

With our cloud service – Pits & Piles 3D, you can edit, calculate, store, and print all your measurements of piles or pits made with the Vertex Laser Geo or Laser Geo instruments.
Upload your measurement file from your Geo instrument and get a 3D image of the object as well as estimated volume.

Independent platforms

Work on any independent platforms as long as there is a web browser
• Simple user-friendly interface
• Turn and rotate the object
• Edit and update values
• Set color and save the image.
• Generate reports
• Possibility of customized reports

Its free

In the free version you can:

  • Upload a measurement file
  • Edit nodes
  • View and rotate the 3D image
  • Get the volume on the pile or pit

Subscription version

With the subscription version, all your measurements are saved and stored in a database

You can also:

  • Create multiple Sites
  • Create multiple Locations on every Site
  • Upload and create multiple measurements on the object for every location
  • Save changes that are made
  • Add multiple measurements for one location of an object


  • Generate a report for a measurement
  • Generate report for several measurements during a period and comparison between the different measurement occasions.
  • It I also possible to contact us for customized reports.


With multiple user licenses for Pits & Piles 3D can you invite several people to collaborate in an organization and share data between users.

Download paper: Pits & Piles 3D ENU

3D Pile

Watch the movie here – Method Instruction, how to measure irregular piles of wood chips or gravel with the 3D PILE app running in Laser Geo – Range finder.