DP II+ Firmware – BIOS

BIOS Version 2.58

Date: 2024-02-26

It’s free and It is highly recommended to update when there is a new Firmware/BIOS version for your DP II+ Caliper.

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How to upgrading the Firmware (BIOS)

BIOS is the Firmware that handles all hardware in the caliper.

The BIOS needs to be upgraded on occasion as follows:

  1. Unzip the Downloaded file.
  2. Reset the DP II+ by giving a short press on all five (5) buttons at the same time on the terminal. The DP II+ resets.
  3. Navigate to the ”USB” menu with right arrow button.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Connect the USB adapter to the DP II+ and the USB cable to the USB adapter and PC.
  6. The PC operating system will initiate connection to the DP II+. The DP II+ now works as a USB memory stick (MSD device)
  7. Start the PC file explorer and copy the new Bios file (ex. ”DPII V2.58.DPB+”) to the root directory.
  8. Also copy this files if they are missing in the root directory: ”autorun.inf”, and ”DPII+.ico”.
  9. Disconnect the PC with Escape in the DP II+.
  10. Remove the USB adapter by releasing the stop and pulling the USB adapter backwards.
  11. Reset the DP II+ with a short press on all five (5) buttons at the same time. The DP II+ restarts and updates the Bios.


  • V251 release 2023-05-08
  • V252 2023-05-10
    • Fix cls() disp reversed didnt clear 4 last pix.
    • Volume control high/low
    • cpu uses x32ulp instead of x32osc in case of osc error
  • V253 2023-05-23 Enable500mA vid uppstart ifall det var tomt batteri
  • V254 2023-05-23 Vendor changed to Haglof (Dasa had problem with Linux forester)
  • V255 2023-08-30 Support for BMA255 sensor
  • V256 2023-11-06 Slovakia flag, Radio butt fix, CHG- + keyscan fix, AD test fix, prg date fix
  • V257 2024-01-15 Radio reset registers
  • V258 2024-02-26 GpsPos fix long can be 0 if 8 chars in hgt data