DP II Firmware – BIOS Version 2.49

DP II Firmware

It’s free to update the firmware in your DP II Caliper .

  • BIOS Version 2.49
  • Date: 2022-04-05
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How to upgrading the Firmware (BIOS)

BIOS is the Firmware that handles all hardware in the caliper.

The BIOS needs to be upgraded on occasion as follows:

  1. Unzip the Downloaded file.
  2. Reset the DP II by giving a short press on all five (5) buttons at the same time on the terminal. The DP II resets.
  3. Navigate to the ”USB” menu with right arrow button.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Connect the USB adapter to the DP II and the USB cable to the USB adapter and PC.
  6. The PC operating system will initiate connection to the DP II. The DP II now works as a USB memory stick (MSD device)
  7. Start the PC file explorer and copy the new Bios file (ex. ”DP2 V2.0.DPB”) to the root directory.
  8. Also copy this files if they are missing in the root directory: ”BiosLoadV10.DPL”, ”autorun.inf”, and ”DPII.ico”.
  9. Disconnect the PC with Escape in the DP II.
  10. Remove the USB adapter by releasing the stop and pulling the USB adapter backwards.
  11. Reset the DP II with a short press on all five (5) buttons at the same time. The DP II restarts and updates the Bios.