Introducing Haglof Cloude Services

Haglof Cloud Services

Our cloud services that we offer.

Haglof Cloud Service

Our Cloud service is an application platform service where we will develop new features and solutions over time. All available services on Haglof Applications Cloud can be used on any platform as long as it has a webrowser and an internet connection.

Our goal with the service

Handle field data from our professional measuring instruments by providing services for

  • Data collection in field
  • Data sharing
  • Data processing
  • Reduce the risk of data loss
  • Improve efficiency by enabling collaboration with data between fields and offices
  • Create application solutions where it should be possible to work both in the field and in the office with this service.

Pits & Piles 3D

Our first solution is Pits & Piles 3D. With Pits & Piles 3D you can calculate the volume of irregular pits and piles that are measured with the instruments Laser Geo or Vertex Laser Geo.

Digitech Cloud

This summer, we will also release a new feature named Digitech Cloud. This feature process data from the MD II caliper and generates different reports and enables data storage.

And we have much, much, more going on…

Third Party Products

In our service, we are use a HERE Map Content and the product HERE Map Data.